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If you over the age of 40, then it might be a very good idea for you to begin thinking about your funeral. This is not to sound morbid, but planning ahead can actually take a lot of stress off your children or other family members who will be dealing with your loss. If you would like to plan out your memorial service, choose a casket or even the manner of your burial, the funeral home at Albany, OR will be more than happy to help you make these all important decisions.

You might be wondering why it is important to plan your own memorial service. Not only is it a very thoughtful gesture to the rest of your family, but doing it now will also allow you to carefully map out all that you want to say and communicate in word or demonstration before you are gone. If you are concerned about the future, planning out your memorial service will also help relieve some of that stress knowing that your family will be looking after you at the very end. Funerals can cost money as well, which can be an added stress factor for your family, but planning ahead and pre-funding for everything in advance will also take away this anxiety.

Funeral Planning

Here at Aasum-Dufour Funeral Home in Albany OR, we can offer you a detailed checklist of all the decision you will need to make before the time for your funeral comes around. We also provide you with online forms that will assist you through the process. The more little details you can arrange, the better. Rest assured that wherever your last days are spent, whether in Albany OR or anywhere else in the United States, your plan is transferrable and will be implemented wherever you are.

Choosing the manner of your burial is a very important decision and one that many family members stress about especially if their loved one did not make any specifications. Make their lives easier by choosing whether you would like to be cremated or if you would like a traditional burial. You can even pick out your own casket (occasionally referred to as a coffin), your own vault as well as the cemetery you would like to be buried in. The more decisions you can make now, the better and easier you will make it for your family who will have enough to deal with at the time already.

Funeral Home in Albany, OR

Aasum-Dufour Funeral Home is there for you if you need any help at all with your decision making. If you are struggling with some ideas for your funeral service, we can offer you creative suggestions for your consideration as well as constant support and backing not just for you, but for your family as well. If you have any questions or concerns about anything you come across in the planning process, we would be very happy to assist you in any way we are able. Please contact us at (541) 926-5541.

AAsum-Dufour Funeral Home – Albany, OR

Too often, death hits without warning. You may be in the middle of a busy work day or even in the middle of a family dinner when you get the call that a cherished loved one has passed away. Nothing is easy, when this happens and the shock combined with all the decisions you now have to make is no easy task, but even in such a howling wilderness please know that you are not alone.

If you reside in Albany OR, then help is very close to home. Here at Aasum-Dufour Funeral Home we are dedicated to looking after every single family that comes through our doors. We are a family run funeral home with a lot of training as well as experience and it is our desire to help you design a very special funeral services for your loved ones. We can help you come to the decision of whether you want a traditional burial or a cremation. We can also arrange funerals for pets if you like.

Coffins and Caskets – Albany, OR

The process of grieving can be a long and terrible road and can be made more so especially when there is no time to do it properly. In the business of our lives as well as our inherent need to work through our troubles and stay busy, we have a hard time grieving. That is one of the big reasons why we are here. We help you bring closure to the life that is now gone and begin the much needed healing process.

We listen to your thoughts and ideas and help you personalize the entire service in a way that your loved one would have deeply appreciated. It can take place in any location you desire, you can pick any kind of music, specific songs, and decorations, picture slide shows or anything you would like to create the most memorable service possible. We can even help you create unique little closures to your memorial service that will help you find release. We are here to help you by offering suggestions and ideas for your consideration.

Funeral Planning Services – Albany, OR

Depending on whether you choose a traditional burial or a cremation, we can help you choose a casket or a vault as well as the desired cemetery. Many times tragedies happen and we cannot even bring ourselves to accept or even deal with something as seemingly simple as planning a service. Please allow us to take some of the stress off your shoulders. We are there to be a support to you and your family as you go through this difficult time.

If you have lost a loved one and are in need of a coffin, casket or cremation service, the staff of our funeral home in Albany OR, is there to make you feel at home. It is our desire to make you feel welcomed and secure. At Aasum-Dufour Funeral Home, we treat you as one of the family. If you have any questions or would like to find out a little bit more about us and how we can help you, please feel free to contact us.

Allow us to be a part of your healing.

Everyone has had thoughts and questions about a loved one’s funeral. Perhaps you know that it will happen soon and are just waiting and wondering what you can do to plan ahead. However, in a lot of cases, death is not expected. No one knows the exact time and place of death and this will always give you some anxiety, however if you are a resident of the great Albany OR area, you can feel safe and secure in knowing that there is help readily available to you where and when you need it.

Aasum-Dufour Funeral Home is a wonderful funeral home run by a dedicated group of people who believe in being a constant support for every family who asks for help. We are for you and will help you arrange transportation to the funeral home after the family has said their farewells. The same is true if death happens in a different part of the world. Rest assured that they will coordinate with the nearest funeral director to transport the remains back to Aasum-Dufour in Albany OR.

Funeral Services – Albany, OR

There are many questions and concerns that you may have about a loved one’s funeral, be it the memorial service or the burial. If it is a sudden death, you will also be under a lot of stress and anxiety, but Aasum-Dufour Funeral Home is here to help you even now. Perhaps you don’t know the first thing about what to include in the service or even about what your loved one would have wanted, but even if they didn’t leave any detailed direction you shouldn’t be concerned. Our dedicated staff will help you to create and design the perfect service that will act as a testament to the loved ones’ life.

Whether you want to have the funeral outside, include a handful of your loved ones’ favorite songs or unleash a handful of brightly coloured balloons after the ceremony, we will help you make the service truly memorable.

Cremation Services- Albany, OR

Aasum-Dufour can also help you figure out whether to choose cremation or a more traditional burial. You can pick out a casket or coffin if your loved one hasn’t done so already and choose the cemetery they will rest in. We understand that this can be a very trying time for you and the rest of your family, but we are here to make you feel at ease and to offer answers to any question you may have. We will be there for you every step of the way and will help you through the planning process.

Make sure you give us a call at (541) 926-5541 if you have any other concerns or questions that need to be answered. You can also send us an email using our contact form. We will strive to help you and work with you in a way that will put your worries to rest.

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Funeral Services - Albany, OR

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